P1910086?     Which mountain was it?    Mount Rainier!

To remind you later, give your pictures meaningful names with

PixName 4
a companion of your digital camera
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PixName is a free application for the management of digital pictures & movies, with easy renaming of picture files and a query system to locate pictures.

PixName main features

  • Download pictures from your camera directly into automatically generated dated folders.
  • Rename pictures with minimal or with no typing.
  • Search pictures by names, by folders, by year range.
  • Pixname slide show displays pictures and their names so you know what you see.
  • Create "light" versions of your pictures, ready to be attached to email. Each mailed picture comes with its file name so that both you and the receivers of your pictures know what the pictures are about.
  • Define additional users or specific themes within the main pictures structure.
  • Display pictures stored on a different computer.
  • Automatic detection of updates

PixName operates in English and French, and has the capacity to integrate other languages.

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PixName is developed by
Raanan Barzel

Contact : raanan@barzel.org

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